Please allow up to 48 hours for processing each order. Limited flavors available within our freezer section at our brick and mortar location. Shipping is done Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Birthday Bash

Feed your face with spoon fulls of vanilla cake dough and colorful plant-based rainbow sprinkles.

Cake of the Party Cake Jar

Vanilla cake layered with buttery vanilla buttercream and plant-based rainbow sprinkles. Served in a re-usable 8 oz  jar with lid. Set of two.

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie – 12 Pack

2 oz oatmeal raisin cookies like mom used to make!

Chocolate Chip Cookie – 12 Pack

Chewy chocolate chip cookies loaded with mini chocolate chips and brown sugar goodness.

Chocolate Brownie – 8 Pack

Enjoy rich chocolate flavor in every bite with a fudgy chocolate brownie.

Chocolate Walnut Brownie – 8 Pack

Chocolate fudge brownie with bits of walnuts.

S’More Brownies – 8 Pack

Chocolate fudge brownie topped with vegan marshmallows and cookie crumbles.

Troop Beverly Hills

Graham cracker flavored cake dough with mini marshmallows and chocolate chips

Straight Outta Java

Coffee flavored cake dough with dark and white chocolate chips.

Original Gangsta

Enjoy spoonfuls of chocolate chip cookie flavored cake dough. Loads of brown sugar goodness paired with the crunch of mini chocolate chips.

Savage Gentleman

Salty yet sweet peanut butter cake dough is paired perfectly with mini chocolate chips.

Robert Brownie Jr.

Enjoy chocolate flavored dough loaded with mini chocolate chips and chewy fudgy brownie bits.


Fun fact: It took over 13 pure cacao beans to make one pouch of our chocoholic cake mix. Although it would be cool to state that we single handedly harvested, roasted, and ground the beans ourselves, we simply could not have the tools or resources to do so. That is why we took a lot of time, research, and care into who we chose for such an important job. Through such a supplier, we chose a special dark cocoa powder to give us the bold, chocolate flavor in our Chocoholic cake mix. We then accented such a robust taste with the mild caramel notes of coconut sugar and buttery undertones of pure vanilla bean. Giving you a rich, complex and indulgent flavor that anyone can appreciate. 

*Makes 12 standard cupcakes using 2 additional ingredients: water & oil.

Bella Vanilla

Vanilla is one of the most ancient flavors in history, dating back to 1519 in Mexico. Originating as the fruit of an orchid plant, it was soon taken and shared with the rest of the world thanks to a certain Spanish conquistador. As a result, we were introduced to a varying array of vanilla flavors, each unique to the soil it was grown in. From spicy (Mexican vanilla) to floral (Tahitian) to buttery (Madagascar Bourbon). Vanilla has been compared to wine due to the strict specifications associated with the quality of flavor. For our vanilla cake mix, we chose the buttery finish of Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans. To accent, we then added a hint of lemon to give you the unique Italian perspective to a classic dessert taste. 


***Makes 12 standard cupcakes using just 2 simple ingredients: water and oil.

Heartbreak Hotel Cake Jar

Rich chocolate cake layered with chocolate buttercream and mini chocolate chips. Sold in an 8oz jar with lid. Set of 2.